BDA (Introduction to Databases: "Bases de Datos")

This is just a page with lecture notes given in José Hernández-Orallo's groups.

2nd Year. 2nd semester.

ETSINF (Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria Informàtica).

Degrees: ITIG/ITIS.

Academic Year 2010-2011

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[versió en valencià disponible] (2010-2011)

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Lecture Notes
Software for the Lab exercises



1. Introduction to databases.
2. The relational data model.
3. Database Management Systems.


1. Introduction to a relational database.
2. Representation of reality within the relational data model.
3. SQL.
4. Study of a DBMS.

Lecture Notes

PDF:  Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to visualise them. If you don't want to print one slide per page, you can just print the original PDF to Distiller/PDF Writer again, specifying 4 slides per page.





Software Available to do the Lab work at home

Apart from Microsoft Access, if you have it, for which we propose the following databases (check also the microweb), we offer the following software packages as an alternative to do part of the lab work (the SQL queries, mainly):
          Includes the exercises wording and the databases "Ciclismo", "Musica" and "Biblioteca".
          Corrects the solutions given by the student.
          The correction is by the extension of the query result. Consequently, the corrector only detects incorrections, but some incorrect queries may not be detected.
          Works for Windows.
           Installation Software
You can also find some (perhaps outdated) instructions on how to install Personal Oracle 8, or Personal Oracle 9i for W2000/XP (including scripts for creating the databases used in the labs).

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