The I.Q. Program

This was P.Sanghi's third year project (CSE3301) for Bachelor of Computer Science. The program written in Perl takes I.Q. tests and has average human intelligence.

P Sanghi and D L Dowe: A Computer Program Capable of Passing I.Q. Tests, in P P Slezak (ed), Proceedings of the Joint International Conference on Cognitive Science, 4th ICCS International Conference on Cognitive Science & 7th ASCS Australasian Society for Cognitive Science (ICCS/ASCS-2003), 13-17 July 2003, Sydney, NSW, Australia, pp 570-575.

What is the program about?

This program takes I.Q. tests

There are some errors in the program. The original copy was deleted from the server. There were some bugs in the backup copy which need to be fixed. The word list is now taken from unix system dictionary.

Currently it can only solve sequences. Eg. of a very simple sequence would be "1 2 3 4". They could also consist characters "a B c D e F" or characters and numbers "a 1 b 2 c 3 d"

The program has a very limited vocabulary. The words it understands are

add, are, character, characters, digit, digits, enter, give, insert, in, is, find, letter, letters, missing, next, number, numbers, please, series, sequence, the, two, what


Make a question using the dictionary given above and type it in

Insert a hypen/dash (-)

Type the sequence, separate character by space

Insert the next number the sequence - 0 1 3 6 11 19

Insert the word that completes the first word and starts the second S(...)T

Complete words 3-s-t

Insert the word that can be prefixed by any of the letters on the left. 4-P-FL-C-W-CL

Please enter your question:

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Although Jose Hernandez-Orallo is hosting this page and has made some slight modifications over the original page and program, all the material and program in this page was made made by Pritika Sanghi.